Meal Plan In Six Simple Steps

Meal planning for a family comes with many challenges. But why?

Well, did you know that we make over 250 decisions around food every single day?! No wonder we are all exhausted with deciding what to have for supper! Add on a picky eater, trying to manage IBS, training for a competition, or trying to teach the family healthy food relationships, and mealtimes can become stressful and even frustrating. 

As a parent of two little ones, a wife, and a business owner, let me tell you, I totally get it! In my home, we deal with allergies, IBS, and picky eating every single day. Every day. I talk about food all day with clients, and I can still feel overwhelmed by getting supper on the table. 

This is the reason why I swear by using a meal plan, even if you only plan for a couple of days at a time. Meal planning does not need to be complicated. Start with a small timeline or a simple goal for your family, rather than diving into the deep end of planning with multiple steps. Keeping things simple will avoid the frustration that can result in decision burn out.