Knowledge is Powerful

Knowledge is a powerful tool helping you make more educated decisions around nutrition for you and your family. There is an abundance of information online now, almost too much information! As a Dietitian, I aim to educate you, without any judgement, to find strategies that work for you. 


A workshop with RD Nutrition gives you valuable information to de-mystify the nutrition world. We talk about real issues and give simple solutions that are straightforward. 


My online workshops are done with small class sizes to facilitate the best learning environment. Participants get a workbook with presentation notes provided. Workshops are delivered through a secure portal and can be broadcast to your boardroom or living room. Participants will receive an electronic workbook to follow along. 


All of my workshops have been developed over the years with great thought and consideration. I encourage questions and dialogue so that you can improve your nutritional health.  

Workshops Available

Baby Led Weaning

Thinking about starting baby led weaning with your baby? Or transitioning from purees to whole food? This class is for you!

RD Nutrition Meal Planning.jpg
Meal Planning

Need some help planning and organizing your meals for the week, month and beyond? We have strategies and the tools that will help you!

RD Nutrition kids in kitchen with treats.jpeg
Picky to Proficient

Kids often go through picky eating at one time or another. We have strategies to get through it all and also learn how to build healthy food relationships.


I'm happy to work with you and your group on a Nutrition Workshop that meets your specific needs. Send us an email with a few detailsl and let's work together to bring the perfect educational workshop to your corporate or community group!