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your nutrition program

I want to help you improve your quality of life and reach your ultimate nutrition goals! In order to accomplish big goals, we need to put in the work. I know from working with hundreds of families and individuals, that a proper strategy and program will create lasting changes. 


Changes like:

  • Make Meal Planning Easier

  • Improve Your Relationship with Food

  • Remove the Guesswork from Your IBS

  • Reduce the Fuss with your Picky Eater

  • Improve Your Sports Performance


Whatever your concern is I will make the process seamless and make sure that you have the tools to make a life-long change. 


What to Expect:

Your Nutrition Program begins with an Initial Consultation to discuss your needs and goals. Based on that discussion, I will work through a series of structured appointments that will help you make real, long-term changes in your lifestyle. 

  • Appointment 1: 1 Hour Initial Consultation* 

  • Appointment 2: Goal Setting Strategy Session 

  • Appointment 3: Meal Planning + Preparing Strategy Session 

  • Appointment 4: Nutrition Action Plan Progress Check 

  • Appointment 5: Sustainability Planning Session 


The Nutrition Program is for those individuals with one major nutrition goal they want to achieve.


What’s Included:

Five one-on-one sessions: 1 one-hour Initial Consultation, plus 4 one-hour follow-up appointments.




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