your nutrition program

We want to help our clients improve their quality of life and reach their ultimate nutrition goals! In order to accomplish big goals, we need to put in the work. We know from working with hundreds of families and individuals, that a proper strategy and program will create lasting changes. 


Make Meal Planning Easier

Improve Your Relationship with Food

Remove the Guesswork from Your IBS

Reduce the Fuss with your Picky Eater

Improve Your Sports Performance


Whatever your concern is we will make the process seamless and make sure you have the tools to make a life-long change. 


What to Expect:

Your Nutrition Program begins with an Initial Consultation to discuss your needs and goals. Based on that discussion, your Dietitian will work through a series of structured appointments that will help you make real, long-term changes in your lifestyle. 

  • Appointment 1: 1 Hour Initial Consultation* 

  • Appointment 2: Goal Setting Strategy Session 

  • Appointment 3: Meal Planning + Preparing Strategy Session 

  • Appointment 4: Nutrition Action Plan Progress Check 

  • Appointment 5: Sustainability Planning Session 


The Nutrition Program is for those individuals with one major nutrition goal they want to achieve.


What’s Included:

Five one-on-one sessions: 1 one-hour Initial Consultation, plus 4 one-hour follow-up appointments.