RD Nutrition is the only Dietitian clinic that provides science-based nutrition solutions for busy families in central Alberta. In an era of scheduling chaos and nutrition info overload, your family deserves easy nutrition solutions that allow you to spend more time together. 

Here's how we can do that - together. 


initial consultation

We will start off by getting to know you and your family. In our initial meeting, we will review everything from your family life to your medical concerns. We want to know what your major concerns and struggles are so that we can create a specific action plan to meet your needs.


on demand

Follow Up Consultation

We know that we can’t get to all of your needs in just one session. It takes time and commitment to address all of your primary concerns. We will continue to assess the progress of your Nutrition Action Plans and together create new goals. 

Meal Plan

What to Expect:

Consultation of concerns with a 3-day meal plan


your nutrition program

We want to help our clients improve their quality of life and reach their ultimate nutrition goals! In order to accomplish big goals, we need to put in the work. We know from working with hundreds of families and individuals, that a proper strategy and program will create lasting changes. 


Make Meal Planning Easier

Improve Your Relationship with Food

Remove the Guesswork from Your IBS

Reduce the Fuss with your Picky Eater

Improve Your Sports Performance


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