Central Alberta's Nutrition Experts

Registered Dietitian's are the leading experts in nutrition.

All of our dietitian's are registered with the College of Dietitian's of Alberta

and use a science-based approach to nutrition counselling,

planning, and recommendations. ​

Registered Dietitian Specializing in:

Family Nutrition 

Baby Led Weaning, Picky Eating, Meal Planning, Lactation and Milk Allergies


Gut Health

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Management


Food Allergies/Intolerances

Milk and Soy, Latex-Food Cross Allergy, Interstitial Cystitis

Registered Dietitian Specializing in:

Sports Nutrition

Child Athletes

Active Families

Elite Performance Athletes

Off-Season and Competition Nutrition



All of our Dietitian's use a Non-Diet approach to their counselling.

We strongly believe that healthy living is not measured by the number on the scale

and use alternative measures for success.


These include;

  • Becoming confident in teaching your kids to eat, from 6 months to 18 years;

  • Determining trigger foods for IBS and/or allergies;

  • Improving your relationship with food; 

  • Performing and recovering from intensive sport; 

  • Improving lab values, from diabetes to high-cholesterol;

  • Teaching skills to meal plan, prep, and cook, from basics to advanced; 

  • Overall feeling of wellness through Improved  sleep, increased energy, mental clarity;

  • and so much more!​


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